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Customized LDPE regranulate

Let us know your specific needs for additives or fillers and we will tune the final product according to your specification.

Natural Orkos™ LDPE regranulate

MFI: 1.0 – 1.11

Bulk Density: 0.92

Mixed Orkos™ LDPE regranulate

MFI: 0.7

Bulk Density: 0.92

Fields of application

We are proud to be the supplier for some of the biggest film and plastic packaging producers in Scandinavia and the Baltics.


Orkos™ LDPE regranulate has been applied in various product segments:

- consumer carrier bags;

- extra thin (up to 15 μm) plastic bags;

- film and plastic packaging for waste management;

- film and plastic packaging for agriculture;

- film and plastic packaging for building and construction.

Quality management

Product purity management starts from the very first stage when the raw material enters the plant and passes Tecnofer’s washing lines, until our blending machines with a capacity of 12 tons generate highly homogenous regranulate.


Orkos™ regranulate is continuously tested and classified on test film-blow extruder. Before delivery, every shipment passes a quality control.

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